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Stronger Together

Hamlin Park Community Taxpayers Association serves the Hamlin Park  neighborhoods.  We serve as a resource for housing, community development and friendly neighborhood connections.  

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

Latest News and Calendar

 HPCTA 2022 Monthly Meeting Schedule   1st Thursday of each month  * 6pm​

  • February 3

  • March 3

  • April 7

  • May 5

  • June 2

  • July 7

  • August 4

  • September 1

  • October 6

  • November 3

  • December 1

Community Announcements

The Buffalo Museum of Science offers residents of zip codes 14208, 14211, 14212 a discounted membership.

 $10 family membership and $5 individual membership for 1 year!

The Neighbor Pass program was created to encourage more residents who live adjacent to the Humboldt Parkway museum to explore its science studios, exhibits and participate in its programs.  

Just stop into the Museum, bring ID with your zip code (14208, 14211, 14212) and ask for the Neighbor Pass.  

The regular cost for an individual basic membership with the museum is $60, and $90 for a family membership.

Also check out our new traveling exhibit - Antarctic Dinosaurs!  Antarctic Dinosaurs will immerse visitors in the thrilling hunt for never-before-seen fossils and shed new light on our planet’s ever-changing climate.

  • Museum Member price - $6!


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